The Privatization Portal is a project dedicated to collectively brainstorming and proposing government privatization concepts. The government's purpose is to represent the interests of "the people" as defined by the Constitution and the body of law. We believe that the government could do a much better job as a steward of our collective rights, privileges, and property. What we propose is a radical rethinking of the government's approach to collecting revenue and spending that revenue.

Anybody is welcome to append their own proposal to this site. This site is not libertarian, laissez-faire, Objectivist, fascist, or socialist. Its only goal is the replacement of bureaucratic ineptitude in government with more dynamic and effective solutions, many of a market-driven nature. Please take the time to review some of the proposals, modify or improve a proposal, or insert your own proposal.

To insert a proposal just edit this page and add a link where your proposal belongs on the list. When you save that change, you'll have a link to an empty proposal which can then be edited.


Revenue GenerationEdit

Income tax is sloppy, inefficient, wasteful, and constitutionally questionable. This website doesn't maintain a position on the government's right to tax income, but it does offer some alternatives.

volunteer 10% income to cover the poor's basic needsEdit

Marijuana RegulationEdit

Pollution AuctioningEdit

Traffic ViolationsEdit

Service ProvisionEdit

The United States Department of Education admitted that the cost of educating a student in public school is more than double the average cost of educating a student in a private school. With the lack of accountability and options, it's little wonder that children are being left behind. Government institutions are inherently inefficient because they're inherently monopolistic and unaccountable. The citizen deserves the most efficient and effective use of his or her tax money possible. Here are some proposals.