4. Inception of the Wikitopia Movement Edit

4.A. Wikitopia's Website

4.A.1. Design Considerations

4.A.1.a. GNU PHP web-app at Sourceforge

4.A.2. Launch and Membership Drive

4.A.2.a. Binding Contract?

4.A.2.b. Membership Standards?

4.B. Community-Driven Prototype

4.B.1. Design of Social Contract by Concensus

4.B.2. Third Party Contracts

4.B.2.a. Proposing Prototypes

4.B.2.b. Submissions from Potential Contractors?

4.C. Bootstrapping of a State

4.C.1. Partnerships with Outside Investors

4.C.1.a. Risk-Bearing

4.C.1.b. Profit-Sharing

4.C.2. Obtaining Sovereignty

4.C.2.a. Micropatriological Methods

4.C.2.a.1. Partial Sovereignty (Reservation, Amish, etc...)

4.C.2.a.2. Purchase of Sovereign Territory

4.C.2.a.3. Ship in International Waters

4.C.2.a.4. Terraforming New Sovereign Territory