The Monclair Brick
Free Market approaches to reduce taxes in Montclair NJ.
-= Draft =-

Police, Fire, and Public Safety

  • Cut budgets for police and fire departments by 50%.
  • Reduce police and fire workforce by 50%.
  • Bonuses for +50% workforce reduction.
  • Local neighborhood corporations can improve security by privately funding gates, private security, etc...
  • Eliminate pensions and health insurance for all municipal employees.
  • The mayor and council persons shall not receive any payment or compensation.
  • Abandon road safety equipment. Disconnect electrical circuits, etc...
  • All traffic safety and road equipment will be privately funded by local neighborhood corporations.
  • Local neighborhood corporations may maintain roads by private funding.

Sewer, Garbage, etc...

  • Garbage removal costs will transfered to individuals or neighborhood corporations.
  • Sewer maintenance cost can be funded privately by neighborhood corporations.
  • Fee for connection to main sewer system.
  • Fee for volume of waste through main sewer system.

Libraries and Public Spaces

  • Privatize public libraries.
  • Sell public parks to developers.


  • Disband the board of education
  • Eliminate all taxes for education.
  • Privatize schools.
  • Parents will pay tuition.
  • Parents have the right to home school.
  • Parents will pay for textbooks and school supplies.

Note: Parents are directly responsible for the entire costs of raising and educating their children.

Bring on the Friedmanist u(dys)topia