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Imagine if "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union" created a WikiCongress.

Wow! Did you hear that right? Yes you did. That's WikiDemocracy in America, folks. De Tocqueville would be really proud.

Imagine the good old citizens of this here USA all clambering together into a virtual Legislature to propose new legislation. Would the interests of the American people be more fairly represented then? You betcha they would. This is the experiment that begins here at WikiDemocracy.

"Jeez, Uncle Sam, you mean . . . instead of 535 people in Congress, there would be . . . umm . . . 220 million people in it?

That's right, Jimmy. It's Wikidemocracy in America.

That sounds scary, Uncle Sam.

There's nothing scary about it, Jimmy. It's just folks making decisions together. A whole lot of folks.

But Uncle Sam, it's gonna take our wagon trains months to all get together in the same place over there in the Washington . . .

You're forgetting about the INTERNET, Jimmy. Now let's get serious about this."

WikiDemocracy is coming to you. But you have to want it to come! There no WikiCongress without you!

If you would like to contribute to WikiDemocracy, add new "We the People" Projects that you are aware of. Or, you can contribute to the "We the People" think tank with your own special interests!

If you want to discuss and decide about the rules that should govern our wikiDemocracy, you are welcome to vote at Community Portal.

8/23/2012: If you would like to contribute to a circular letter in book form about wikidemocracy, please email Robin at settdigger at gmail dot com . He would love to hear from you. And hooray to the Online Party of Canada for bringing some direct e-democracy into the Canadian political arena!

Furthermore, Robin Dunn has noticed no one ever uses this wiki! And yet, it's very high in Google rankings for the term 'Wikidemocracy.' Does anyone feel the love . . . anyone?

10/10/2007 : If you want to help about building a wiki that would make propositions, discussions of propositions and democratic votes easy, you are welcome to participate at the wikicracy project.

"We the People" Projects[]

A number of "We the People" projects are underway that are complementary to an overall effort to improve democracy.

Electoral information is provided at so that voters can inform each other directly concerning candidates.

BeyondVoting has some excellent references to new wikitools of democracy.

Finally, below are references to "We the People" projects. If you find yourself interested in any of these projects become involved. I'm sure there are ways that they would appreciate your help and support.

The Basics this section excerpted from BeyondVoting[]

Let's talk about government!

  • Plato - His complete works.
  • Thomas Hobbes - His complete works.
  • John Locke - His complete works.

The "We the People" Think Tank[]

This section is for initial "Think Tank Publishing". Interestingly, the UN and the Council on Foreign Relations might be considered types of think tanks. Washington DC is full of think tanks, funded by a seemingly infinite number of sources.

We must war on K Street! Only you can bring a Wikidemocracy.

In the wiki spirit this site is fully open to everyone. What about Democracy in America is important to you?


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