The 'COMMITTEE TO REFORM CONGRESS' is an organization of volunteers enthusiastically commited to the ideal of reform in Washington DC. The committee is based in Newtown, PA, and was the brainchild of Del Purscell, a retired businessman and Fred Hayes an expat American living in Norway. The committee is a non-partisan,and collaborative effort designed to achieve maximum public pressure on members of Congress, as well as candidates for office. The primary aim is to provide the average American citizen with communication tools with which they can easily write to their legislators.  CTRC's main focus is on reforming campaign finance, limiting lobbyist access, improving Congressional ethics, establishing term limits and guaranteeing voter's rights.  There are also website features that allow a writer to write their own letter or edit prewritten letters.

This grass-roots effort is designed to overpower Super-PAC advertising and to return constituent influence to the people and to "Main Street. Methodology is based on high-tech, personalized and automated letter writting by a, hopefully large number of Constituent Committee participants to their Senators, Congressperson and president or candidates within their specific state and voting district. Added Constituent committee members are garnered through an ever expanding invitation to the friends and contacts of participants. The website has been under development as were the nuts and bolts of a data based delivery system. Target date to be fully operational is 12/1/13 Visit: http//